My name is Cory. I am a Reef addict.
I grew up on the West Coast, practically living in the ocean so I have always had a soft spot for marine life and all things ocean.
I don’t do well inland. It’s usually flat and dry… I get nose bleeds… anyways…

I looked into and stalked reef forums for 5-6 years, dreaming and plotting but never pulling the trigger on my own tank because it was so intimidating to get into. It seemed like everyone knew what to do and it was a bit of a ‘club’. I was wrong.
The amazing thing about this hobby is it’s sense of community. Everyone helps each other. Build threads, forums, reviews, etc. If you ask a question that’s been asking 100 times before someone will still answer it. It’s amazing. The support is unreal.
I researched and read everything I could, learned as much as I could, just in case.

One day I just did it.
I started with a Fluval 5G SpecV which ran for about a year until I upgraded that to a 10G standard tank. I filled that with over kill equipment knowing I would upgrade it eventually and by this point the wife was on board with the magical looking corals. I ran that for about a year then I bought the Red Sea Reefer Nano. I would have gone bigger but the location of the tank was set and it fit perfectly. It’s been humming along nicely for over a year now with tons of life to keep us all entertained.

By trade I am a Visual Effects Artist working in TV and FIlm.
(Follow me @KuruptPixel as well if you are into that.)
I have always tinkered with t shirt design, clothing, art, photography, yadda, yadda and noticed there is no real apparel for this hobby! All of the shirts I was seeing were basically big shop logo’s on a stock tee. And if they weren’t they were some CafePress style iron on prints.
Either way, we didn’t have many great options.

I started this as a side project so I could make myself clothes and if someone likes what they see they can get a rad shirt to wear to a frag swap.
Good deal!
I do this because I love Reefing. Everything I do here is done with absolute love and dedication to this hobby. Giving our tanks, equipment, water,corals, fish, and inverts the love and respect they deserve.
My designs and products will always show that. Reef Tank inspired clothing and products with original designs that stand out. That’s the end goal.
Seeing a fellow Reefer wearing something I designed is always amazing because I know that love and passion for all this is within them as well.
Thats pretty cool to share.

I plan to keep making art and designs for my fellow reef tank lovers and addicts. I want to collaborate with other reefers to help bring their ideas to life as well.
I want to donate more time and money to causes and organisations that are helping save our reefs and oceans around the world as well as educating a younger generation on how to rebuild and maintain them.

This addiction… I mean, hobby… consumes most of us and becomes a great part of our lives.
The pride we all have from building and growing out our own tanks keeps us going.
Showing OFF our tanks keeps us thriving!
Learn. Educate. Protect. And most importantly, Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by!
It means a lot to me and I hope you enjoy some of this stuff!

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